Dog Boarding

Dog Walking


Q. Why do some of your prices say "from"?

A.  In the majority of cases you will pay the price shown. In some circumstances there may be additional costs e.g. if there are exceptional requirements for your pet.


Q. Are you insured and police checked?

A.  Yes. Our insurance covers all the services we offer. We have recent Disclosure and Barring checks. These documents are available for you to see.


Q. What areas do you cover?

A.  We cover the entire HD8 area. We may occasionally be able to provide services outside of this area depending on which services are required and the location.  For dog boarding or day care your home location is not likely to matter.


Q. Do you do dog training? 

A.  Currently we do not provide dog training as a separate service in itself but we may be able to work with your dog and provide some bespoke training and/or advice on training issues. Our specialism is agility training and we hope to be able to provide this in the future.

Although we know a lot about dogs we are not behaviourists so if your dog has particular training needs then you may wish to contact a qualified canine behaviourist. 


Q. What happens if my pet is ill or injured while in your care? 

A.  The safety of your pet is our absolute priority and we always plan our services with safety in mind. However, if your pet does become ill or injured while in our care we will take immediate action to reduce any worsening of the situation. This may include applying first aid before taking your pet to the to the vet (we are trained in canine first aid). We will contact you (or your emergency contact) as soon as we have dealt with the immediate issue.


Q. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

A.  If you need to cancel your booking then all we ask is that you give us at least 24 hours notice. Any less notice than this will incur the full charge. We will ask you to agree to this when we take your booking.


Dog Boarding

Q. Where will my dog sleep?

A.  This is something that we will discuss with you before your dog comes to stay. A lot will depend on what sleeping arrangements your dog is used to in his/her home. We want your dog to feel safe, secure and comfortable. None of our home is out of bounds so when you come to see our place before your dog's first stay, you will get an idea of the sleeping options (your dog may even choose where he/she wants to sleep!!).


Q. Do you have a licence for home boarding?

A.  Yes. We are licensed by Kirklees Council and therefore we adhere to their licensing conditions. These documents are available for you to see.

Q. Can I see what your place is like before I decide whether to board my dog with you?

A.  Absolutely! In fact it's something that we insist on before your dog boards with us for the first time. We want you to be confident that your dog will be comfortable with us. We have dogs ourselves and we will introduce them to each other at our place to make sure they're all ok together.  We will arrange a mutually convenient date for you to visit with your dog in advance of the boarding period.


Q. My dog doesn't like other dogs, can you still look after him/her while we're away?

A.  We know that some dogs need some extra special TLC and these dogs are not always catered for by pet services.  If your dog is not comfortable around other dogs then home boarding at our place is not the best option for a happy stay for your dog (as we have our own dogs). However, we do offer pet sitting in your own home which may be more suitable. Contact us to have a chat.


Dog Walking

Q. Will my dog be walked off-lead?

A.  This is something we will discuss with you before we take your dog out. However, safety is our priority and we will always assess the risk of letting the dogs in our care off-lead. Please note we will not walk your dog on an extendable lead for safety reasons. We have long training leads we can use as an alternative in certain situations.


Q. How many dogs are usually walked in a group walk?

A.  The maximum number in a group walk will be six. However, it is likely that there will be fewer.